STICKERS in Resin - Bracelets and more

Ooooh fun!  Let's start with some bracelets - bangle and cuff - made with stickers and black paper.


Brilliant Resin

Bangle Mold

Silicone Doming Tray

Black paper (better quality than construction paper so it doesn't bleed)

Stickers - holographic drips and white ghosties (I found mine on etsy)


Paper towels



Start by cutting strips of paper to fit your molds. Decorate with stickers, rub down firmly.  

resin bracelet bangle cuff casting jewelrymaking stickers

Cut to correct length and tape ends together.  Dry fit in mold to check size. 

resin casting bangle bracelets cuff bracelet jewelrymaking stickers

Pour resin, then insert strip, watch for bubbles, then fill to top of mold.  Allow to set, dome edge with resin if needed.

resin jewelry making casting bangle bracelets holographic stickers

resin casting jewelry making stickers bangle bracelet 


Cut strip to whatever width you want, wrap around wrist to determine fit.  Leave 1" minimum gap between ends.

Decorate with stickers and rub down firmly.  Punch holes at ends if you plan to put ribbon or elastic through.  Place on Doming Tray, dome and allow to set for 12-14 hours. 

Timing is important for this technique as you'll need to bend your resin strip while it's still soft enough to bend easily, without fingerprinting.  Wrap around something that approximates the size of your wrist, I used a couple of mixing cups taped together with some paper towel between to keep them straight.  Use clear packing tape to hold this in place while the resin fully cures - at least 1 more day.

resin jewelry making bracelet cuff stickers

  Add ribbon/elastic if you want.


resin crafting jewelry making cuff bracelet sticker ribbon

Use Zap-A-Gap or fray check on the ends of your ribbons.resin crafting jewelry making cuff bracelet sticker ribbon
resin jewelry making cuff bracelet stickersresin jewelry making cuff bracelet stickers
Here's how the bangle and cuff compare in terms of size and fit.


resin jewelry making cast bangle vs cuff bracelet

Postage Stamp Resin Jewelry

resin jewelry making postage stamps earrings bats
This juicy purple background is my favorite!  There are post earring backs embedded in resin on the back side at the top.
resin jewelry making postage stamps halloween
I picked up these Halloween stamps from USPS, and while they look flat in the photo, they are super holographic when they turn, so they're much more exciting in action especially in earrings that dangle and catch the light.
There are many amazing things you can create using postage stamps with Brilliant Resin.  Stamps are printed on different paper qualities, some of which don't hold up as well in resin, so test before you start making.
resin jewelry making postage stamps earrings halloween ghost
These are all very lightweight, and since they're domed with resin on both sides they're waterproof too!
resin jewelry making postage stamps necklace halloween cat
I'm still working on this bracelet, but you can see where it's going,  I just need to remember to trim the edges a little bit - right now they could cut steak!
resin jewelry making postage stamps charm bracelet halloween
And here are some tiny earrings I made by cutting one postage stamp in half and trimming around the window design.  I embedded twisted wire in resin on the back, and after it set up I bent it over a pen to create the earring loops.
resin jewelry making postage stamps earrings halloween ghost
resin jewelry making postage stamps earrings halloween ghost
resin jewelry making postage stamps earrings halloween ghost wire
I had some extra stamps so I punched them out with my Small Squares Punch and resined the fronts.  I might make buttons, magnets, or stickers out of these.  They're super shiny and feel really good too.
resin jewelry making postage stamps halloween buttons
Here's another stamp project I made a few years ago using a Chinese New Year Stamp domed on both sides with Brilliant Resin, some metal Wire Lace, and some crystals.
resin jewelry making doming postage stamp chinese new year dragon crystals

Polymer Clay with Resin

resin casting polymer clay jewelry bangle bracelets

Little Windows Brilliant Resin is your best bet with polymer clay because...

  • It's safe easy to use.
  • You can mix in tiny batches if needed to avoid waste.
  • You can bake poly clay around your resin pieces - they won't crack or distort, and they will stay shiny. 
  • You can cast resin around your baked polymer clay pieces.
  • You can do a single pour or create layers.
  • Gentle formula with no solvents so your designs and intricate cane work stay crisp and clear.
  • See examples below! 

Also, our White Resin Colorant won't yellow with baking, so it's great for making eyes and other designs that require bright white shapes. 

Ways you can use Brilliant Resin with polymer clay:



 brilliant resin casting polymer clay bangle bracelet amethyst art studio

resin casting polymer clay bangle bracelet brilliant resinresin casting polymer clay bangle bracelet mirjam

You can also use Resin Color Film as a background with your polymer clay creations, like Veronica did in this piece.  Cast in our Oval Double-Sided Mold:

resin casting polymer clay jewelry bangle bracelets


resin jewelry making polymer clay doming


The example above and below are from a collaboration with Mags Bonham of Really Unique Creations and show how you can dome thin or thick layers of Brilliant Resin over your baked polymer clay pieces for a great shiny finish.


resin doming polymer clay jewelry making inks



You can also Sculpt around your cast Brilliant Resin cast pieces you've already made, and bake them with your clay. Just don't exceed polymer clay time and temperature recommendations.

resin casting eye baked in polymer clay

Here's another example of doll eyes made by Kendra at, which Phyllis of PGM Sculpting worked with to create the lifelike gaze of this beautiful mermaid doll.

resin casting doll eyes Phyllis Jorgensen Morrow PGM Sculpting Virgos Alchemy

Layering with Resin

Watch this tutorial for loads of ideas featuring Hollywood's cutest couple!             Make your own using any photos or graphics.


Here are some of the projects featured in this tutorial, along with some shots of our process:

resin layering projects casting doming dragons

Here are the materials you'll need:

resin layering materials dragons

For these layered projects you'll need duplicate prints of each image.  They can be sized using our Photo Cropping Software for smaller pieces, and using Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or GoogleDocs for the larger images.  Click here for a how-to guide.

resin layering projects in process Casting doming dragons


Casting In Layers:

resin layering projects casting dragons

After printing on Special Photo Paper, punch or cut our your shapes with scissors.

resin layering projects casting doming dragons

This project can be made in 2 or 3 steps. First cast the bottom layer with a touch of glitter.  Next either pour another layer and add the cut-out graphics, allow to cure then pop out and dome up, or just pop out after the first layer and add the top graphics in the Doming-Up step. 

resin layering projects casting dragons

resin layering projects casting dragons




Layering with the Doming Technique:

resin layering projects doming dragons pin

resin layering projects doming dragons pin

resin layering projects doming dragons pin

layering resin dragons domed pin


Domed Layering with Clear Photo Film:

resin layering projects doming dragons nightlight

This project will be a nightlight, turning into a silhouette after dark.

resin layering projects doming dragons nightlight

Print your images onto Special Photo Paper and Clear Photo Film.  Cut the full image in the back, and whatever silhouette you want for the front layer.  

resin layering projects doming dragons nightlight Xacto

resin layering projects doming dragons nightlight

You will need to dome up both sides of the Clear Photo Film, you can dome either one or both sides of the silhouette image, do both if you want durability and more dimension.


resin layering projects doming dragons nightlight

layering resin dragons doming light



Domed-Up Pendants (Doming on top of cast pieces)

resin layering projects casting dragons jewelry

Again, you can have a solid or clear background on these pieces, but you'll need to prints for each.

resin layering projects casting dragons jewelry

Cast the bottom layer, working face-up in the mold, and allow to set.

resin layering projects casting dragons jewelry

Pop out and Dome Up the top layer, as shown in the video.

 Embellishing Doming with Rhinestone Crystals



These ones can be embellished with crystals, charms, wire, or any other doo dads. They can be made into charms, stickers, magnets, pins, or decorations, I added a magnet bar to the back of mine.

Layering Resin Dragons Domed Magnet Pin

Have fun making your own, and send pics! 


Dichro-ISH Resin

New and full of gorgeous project ideas, scroll down to watch!



Here are some of the actual projects made during this video, although they are much more impressive, colorful and shiny in person :)


This pin was made by combining one of our cast pieces with one of the domed pieces:


CLICK HERE for tips on turning your resin creations into jewelry, buttons, drawer pulls and more. 

And more from our previous post...


Love, love, LOVE these new looks we're getting with the new Little Windows Dichro-ISH supplies.






Here's our original Dichro-ISH video, some things have changed since this was created, like our Black Colorant has been improved from a black powder to an easier-to-blend, less messy gel:


For these projects you'll need:

Brilliant Resin Set (includes mixing wands and cups)
Brilliant Molds
Dichro-ISH Supplies (black colorant + dichro films)
Doming Tray
Findings (jumprings, chains, pins, etc.)
Drill (Spring Drill or Creative Drill recommended)
Dry paper towels
Sharp scissors
A timer
Dust covers  (come with Little Windows molds)

Click here to buy your Dichro-ISH Supplies!

Resin Dichro-ISH Supplies dichroic iridescent film colorant

Resin Dichro-ISH dichroic iridescent film colorant


Here's a Dichro-ISH Films color chart for your reference:

Resin Dichro-ISH dichroic Film Colorant Iridescent

Here's another idea - use clear resin to Dome Up for buttons, rings, and hair bobbles like these:


Here's what Stephanie in Pensacola, FL has been making with Dichro-ISH, glitter and sequins, so cool!

Twisted Resin

This is an awesome technique you can try using Brilliant Resin domed on our Dichro-ISH and Texture Films, or on our Resin Color Films:

 And now you can make bigger ones with our Dichro-ISH Films JUMBO Pack!

resin jewelry ornaments dichro jumbo twisted resin

resin jewelry ornaments dichro jumbo twisted resin

resin jewelry ornaments dichro jumbo twisted resin


The workbench, mid-video!

You can make beautiful pieces as gifts or decorations



And if you like this technique, be sure to check out Julia Roger's twisted earrings using strips of Resin Color Film!



For this technique you will need:

Here are some other Bendy Resin projects you might like:



Scroll down for FREE how-to videos


Here are some great ways to show off your Halloween photos. I love having these keepsakes to remember good times with my kiddos.  

These Photo Cubes make great gifts, so fun to fidget with!

For the doming technique projects above here are the products you'll need:


  • Special Photo Paper for Resin
  • Brilliant Resin
  • Doming Tray
  • Spring Drill (for jewelry)
  • Double-Stick Adhesive Sheet (for cell phone sticker)
  • Rubik's Photo Cube

And from home... printer, scissors, paper towels, timer


    Creepy Spider in A Bezel

    This is a multi-layer project, that can be done with or without the back glow-in-the-dark layer. 

    Here's how mine looks in the dark WITH the back layer added in GITD aqua:

    Follow this link for a tutorial on working will all kinds of bezels.

    Yummy Color

    The pendants above were cast in our Medium Molds, then Domed Up over a piece of Resin Color Film, with a bit of glitter mixed into the resin.  Let that set up an hour or two, then push bent wire forms into the resin making a ripple effect and glossy dimension.

    Click here to watch a video on embedding wire in resin.

    For this necklace I also embedded wire in cast pieces.  Images were printed on Clear Photo Film.  I embedded the film in clear Brilliant Resin using our Medium Silicone Mold and Cabochons Mold.  We then added GITD powder into the resin to Dome Up the backs of these pieces, and embedded the wire as they were setting up.    CLICK HERE for more Glow In The Dark Project Ideas.


    Bendy Resin Pumpkins

    Resin Color Film pumpkins, inspired by an expensive glass piece I saw.  

    You'll need Brilliant Resin, Resin Color Film, a Doming Tray, and a Spring Drill, and some colored wire.  Cut strips were domed, then shaped (as shown in our Brilliant 3D Butterflies video), drilled, and attached with colored wire.  The top one is about 3-1/2" across, the bottom one is about 1-1/4" across, and can be made into a necklace or earring.



    We used Dichro-ISH Films layered in Brilliant Resin, in our Large Circle Mold, with a cat sticker.  This shows how the color you put behind this film completely changes the look.

    And this one has Resin Color Film behind the Dichro-ISH Texture Film.
    This giant fridge magnet combines a photo with fun Halloween stickers.

    This one has GITD powder mixed into the resin behind the stickers:


    Domed Spider Necklaces

    Here are two more pieces I just love, made with Dichro-ISH Films, but Domed.  For the first piece, we stabilized Texture Film by using Double-Sided Adhesive to stick two layers together.  Then we cut our shape, applied the sticker, and domed both sides. 


    For this piece we printed the web and spider graphic on our Clear Photo Film, stuck that to our Dichro-ISH Film, then domed both sides.


    Glittery stickers domed with Brilliant Resin on a Doming Tray.  To keep stickers from curling, cut through the backing in the shape you want, and leave it on as you dome the fronts.  Then peel it off to dome the backs.



    For all of these we used a variety of glitters, stickers, confetti and googly eyes.  Click at the bottom of this post to watch a FREE how-to Video.






    I was surprised by how little actual candy corn resembles the candy corn I hold dear in my mind from ages gone by.  The ones from Target are big and kind of lumpy.  Once I embedded them in Brilliant Resin, they didn't look very interesting, so I layered a spooky sticker on top, Domed it Up, and now I have an awesome paper weight!  Click at the bottom of this post to watch a FREE how-to Video.

    Here are some simpler creations, made with photo prints of a nicer looking candy corn!



     These projects were all made using photos of candy corn with the Doming Technique!



    These were cast with Resin Color Film as the colorant, then we domed them up with a bit of glitter mixed into the resin, and then painted designs.  You can paint between layers or on the outside.


    OK, I'm a sucker for anything vampire-related (painful pun intended :)  These pieces use glitters, acrylic paints, nail polish, stickers and charms all embedded or layered in Brilliant Resin, using our Hearts Molds Set.  Click at the bottom of this post to watch a FREE how-to Video.




    I made these charming photo frames for Halloween, but I can't seem to put them away.  They've been moving around my desk all year, reminding me of when my cutie girls were even cuter!




    How-To Videos Mentioned Above:








    4th OF JULY Projects




    Our Resin Color Film is so versatile and easy to use!  These clean, patriotic pieces were made in our Hearts Molds.   You can use the same technique with your own school, state, or country colors! 

    These earrings were made in 2 layers, first pour a thin layer of resin with silver glitter mixed in, and let this layer set up.

    Use the template that comes with your Hearts Mold Set to cut one red and one blue heart (or use our Heart Punches).
    Cut a strip from the middle of each heart so there's a silver stripe down the middle, pour a thin layer of clear resin and position one red and one blue piece in each heart.  Let that set up, then drill for your findings.


    Resin Color Film on glitter really shines in the sun!



    Resin Color Film  (we used the Jewel Colors Pack)

    Hearts Molds  (we used the 1" and 2" sizes)

    Brilliant Resin, measuring cup and mixing wand, paper towels

    Scissors and Hearts Punches  (punches optional, but they sure make it easier :)

    Spring Drill

    Silver Glitter

    Jewelry findings (ear wires and colored jump rings shown here)



    Bendy Resin Ornaments

    Scroll down for the how-to video.  This started with our cute Pumpkin Ornaments, but so much more is possible!   These pieces are all made using our Resin Color Films, domed with Brilliant Resin.  This was my original idea, inspired by an expensive glass pumpkin I saw:


    Now look what else you can do!

    Here's a design with 2 variations, one with a beaded accent wired into the center, and another with a domed photo in the center.  I love them both!  These are beautiful as ornaments, a photo desk display, or as a pin.  LOOK OUT CHIHULY!


    Watch and learn how to make these yourself!

     This same technique can be used to make Bendy Resin Bracelets like these:

    bendy resin bracelets jewelry making photo jewelry

    Here are some other Bendy Resin projects you might like:



    Click here to shop!

    Resin Color Film

    Yes, finally.  I love the look of clear colored resin, but I've never been fond of the messy, expensive dyes.  This transparent color film is such a treat to work with, it's truly clean and easy.  See what you can do, and scroll down for the FREE how-to video!

    You can dome with them....

    Or Cast with them...

    Use them in bezels...


    Or Design with them...



    You can embellish too!



    - Clean
    - Easy to work with
    - Versatile
    - Won't bleed or run in resin
    - Can cut with scissors or sharp paper punches
    - Consistent, Coordinated Colors
    - Great value!
    - And also....




    Click below for the FREE how-to video:



    Ready to order?  CLICK HERE

    Multi-Photo Bracelets

    Oooooh, so many possibilities!   This is my favorite way to show off themed photos - family, weddings, vacation, school pics, pets, etc.   Here are some examples to inspire your creativity:

    Domed vacation photos

    Here's another example of the same technique, but I printed the photos on our Clear Photo Film and domed both sides with Brilliant Resin.

     resin photo bracelet clear photo film loreto vacation

    Wearable Photo Album!

    Here's a cast cubes bracelet using photos from the same vacation...


    Wedding photos in Cast Cubes

    Here's one of the bracelets I made for this video, featuring my friend Lis F's gorgeous wedding photos:

    Here's the same photo cubes, but with wire-wrapped pearl spacers between each:

    And here are the same photos, in color instead of black & white, with pearl spacers:

    Best Friends Cast Cubes

    If you love your pets - and who doesn't...


    Family Photos Domed with Resin

    Look at this gorgeous piece by Amazing Maker Jennifer Dooley!


    Wanna make some?!

    Here's a complete tutorial video to teach you how to make these keepsake bracelets:


    Here's a video showing in more detail how to finish and wire wrap your resin pieces:


    Materials Needed:

    - Your photos, printed to size on Little Windows Special Photo Paper
    - Brilliant Resin, mixing cup, mixing wand
    - Little Windows Small Mold or a Doming Tray
    - A drill - hand drill or power drill with small bits
    - Jewelry Findings of your choice - headpins or jumprings, clasp, connectors
    - Scissors, pliers, wire snippers, paper towels, timer, dust cover, piece of scrap wood
    (Items in bold are available for purchase here in our shop)

    Resin Your Fabric Scraps!

    I'm loving this new technique for turning bits and pieces of fabric into jewelry, buttons, pins, magnets, all sorts of shiny treasures!  It's easy to do and super-versatile.  I'll let the images do the talking...and the how-to video! 

    Click here to see the "Resin Your Fabrics" slide show presentation.

    resin fabric buttons alphabet burlap

    cats mice resin buttons fabric photos

    You can also use a photo of fabric, which allows you to duplicate, resize, or manipulate if needed to coordinate with your pieces:

    resin fabric photo buttons


    resin fabric buttons photo

     And here's the How-To Video:


    We've also made some lovely buttons with fabric scraps using our Silicone Cabochons Mold:

    resin buttons fabric vintage quilting cotton

    resin vintage fabric cabochon button

    resin fabric cabochon button shank vintage 

    resin fabric cabochon button jewelry

    resin fabric buttons cabochons quilting cotton


    Click here to shop!


    If you have more questions, please check our FAQ center.


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