SPOOKY STICKERS in Resin - for Bracelets and more

SPOOKY STICKERS in Resin - for Bracelets and more

Ooooh fun!  Let's start with some bracelets - bangle and cuff - made with stickers and black paper.


Brilliant Resin

Bangle Mold

Silicone Doming Tray

Black paper (better quality than construction paper so it doesn't bleed)

Stickers - holographic drips and white ghosties (I found mine on etsy)


Paper towels



Start by cutting strips of paper to fit your molds. Decorate with stickers, rub down firmly.  

resin bracelet bangle cuff casting jewelrymaking stickers

Cut to correct length and tape ends together.  Dry fit in mold to check size. 

resin casting bangle bracelets cuff bracelet jewelrymaking stickers

Pour resin, then insert strip, watch for bubbles, then fill to top of mold.  Allow to set, dome edge with resin if needed.

resin jewelry making casting bangle bracelets holographic stickers

resin casting jewelry making stickers bangle bracelet 


Cut strip to whatever width you want, wrap around wrist to determine fit.  Leave 1" minimum gap between ends.

Decorate with stickers and rub down firmly.  Punch holes at ends if you plan to put ribbon or elastic through.  Place on Doming Tray, dome and allow to set for 12-14 hours. 

Timing is important for this technique as you'll need to bend your resin strip while it's still soft enough to bend easily, without fingerprinting.  Wrap around something that approximates the size of your wrist, I used a couple of mixing cups taped together with some paper towel between to keep them straight.  Use clear packing tape to hold this in place while the resin fully cures - at least 1 more day.

resin jewelry making bracelet cuff stickers

  Add ribbon/elastic if you want.


resin crafting jewelry making cuff bracelet sticker ribbon

Use Zap-A-Gap or fray check on the ends of your ribbons.resin crafting jewelry making cuff bracelet sticker ribbon
resin jewelry making cuff bracelet stickersresin jewelry making cuff bracelet stickers
Here's how the bangle and cuff compare in terms of size and fit.


resin jewelry making cast bangle vs cuff bracelet