About Us

What's so great about Little Windows?

Little Windows makes it fun & easy to turn your favorite photos and other treasures into shiny wearable art, with a complete program that has everything you need in one place!

Brilliant Resin!

Our proprietary epoxy resin is the best ever!  We worked hard to create a safe formula that's easy to use.  We wanted to offer something you could use at your kitchen table, to add a waterproof shine to any project. 

This is not a toxic product and it doesn't have the wicked smell you find with most resins.  Beyond its great performance with casting, doming, layering, coating and filling bezels and other forms, the basic advantages are:

* blends easily, so you won't get sticky spots

* small batch size  (1 tbsp per batch)

* not a toxic product

* no bad odor

* very low bubbling

* can put anything into it, even delicate items

* works well with other mediums and favorite supplies (polymer clay, acrylic paint, alcohol inks, decorative papers and stickers, glitters and powders, etc)

* 30+ minutes to move things around, handle after 12 hours

* crystal clear and stays that way

Our molds are brilliant too!

*  polished to a mirror finish, so whatever colors and textures you put in will be reflected up and around the sides

* gorgeous geometric shapes in 3 sizes

* great depth for variety in casting

* re-usable over and over

* easy release - no chemical mold release needed

And we've got brilliant tools and accessories to finish your creations with style!


About me:

I'm Fran, creator of Little Windows, and I love what I do. Here's how this all came to be: If you're anything like me, you've got tons of digital pix on your phone or computer, just looking for a way out. I loved the idea of photo jewelry, and tried to find something that really showcased my photos and fit my style. I've been working with resins for years, and in 2006 started making photo pendants for myself.

You would not believe the response I got just wearing them out on the town. Not only moms, but trendy store clerks, cool dads, even the cute guys behind the counter at the Hollywood Arclight wanted to know where I got them. So I started crafting custom pieces and Little Windows was born.

After many months of research, and a ho-lotta experiments gone awry, I got to a point where it became easy, because I had the right components, tools, and techniques.  My friends and I were having so much fun making Little Windows, that creating a Kit (so you could too), seemed like an obvious next step.

With a helpful background in product development and graphic design, and the support of my creative family, I've been able to develop something wonderful and fulfilling that I hope you'll love!  


If you're already making Little Windows, keep going!

Thank you to my Amazing Customers, who make Little Windows even more beautiful with their creativity!