Twisted Resin

This is an awesome technique you can try using Brilliant Resin domed on our Dichro-ISH and Texture Films, or on our Resin Color Films:



The workbench, mid-video!

You can make beautiful pieces as gifts or decorations



And if you like this technique, be sure to check out Julia Roger's twisted earrings using strips of Resin Color Film!



For this technique you will need:

  • Dichro-ISH Texture Film and/or Dichro-ISH Film Multi-color and/or Resin Color Film
  • Clear Double-Stick Adhesive
  • Brilliant Resin
  • Silicone Doming Tray
  • Spring Drill  (or other drill with small drill bit)
  • From home:  Scissors, tape, paper towels, dust cover, timer, handle to wrap around (pen/chopstick/paint brush...), jewelry findings and/or ornament hangers

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