Make Bumble Bee Jewelry
What you'll need to make this:
- Clear Photo Film
- Resin Color Film - Jewel Colors - the easy, clean way to color resin
- Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive - 10 sheets
- Resin 12 oz. Set (deals on multiples)
- Large Silicone Doming Tray for Resin Jewelry and Art
- Spring Drill - the easiest drill for resin jewelry
- Sterling Silver Accent Pins - 10
(selections can be changed at checkout)

You'll also need

- Bee graphic - I got mine on ETSY 

- Alcohol Inks or Acrylic Paint or Nail Polish to color the bees (Here are the ones I used)

- Sharp scissors

- Wire (18-20 gauge) or jewelry findings, hair clips, magnets, for whatever you want to make

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Adorn yourself with adorable bumbly bees!

The first step for all of these projects is to create a bunch of different sizes of my Bee graphic using GoogleDocs, MicroSoft Word, or Photoshop.  Print this on our made-for-inkjet Clear Photo Film, then cut out your shapes and color them any way you want.

Then dome both sides with Brilliant Resin on your Large Silicone Doming Tray, embedding wire or jewelry findings or magnets on the back side.

 Boingy plant stakes were made by embedding wire when doming the back side with Brilliant Resin (see this tutorial for a technique demo).  I colored this bee with Texture Film and Yellow Resin Color Film from my Jewel Colors pack, sticking the layers together with our Double-Sided Adhesive.

 resin jewelry making domed bumble bee texture film plant stake

Here's a second one, a little smaller, I embedded a hair clip in the back side when I domed it with Brilliant Resin.

resin jewelry making domed bumble bee texture film hair clip

This bee pin was colored with alcohol inks, which are clear, then a layer of white alcohol ink to make these colors shine.  You could also paint a layer of white acrylic paint instead of white alcohol ink.

resin jewelry making domed bumble bee texture film pin

These bee earrings were colored with 2 things - yellow nail polish for the bodies and alcohol ink on the wings for an iridescent fairy look that bounces the light.
resin jewelry making domed bumble bee earrings alcohol ink

resin jewelry making domed bumble bee earrings alcohol ink

resin jewelry making domed bumble bee earrings alcohol ink

And this pendant was made the same way - nail polish on the body, and sparkly alcohol inks on the wings.

resin jewelry making domed bumble bee necklace alcohol ink

resin jewelry making domed bumble bee texture film plant stake

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