My Bloody Valentine!

Oooh, I love any excuse to play with our heart molds, but add some glitter and acrylic paints and you've got bloody fun!!


Here's my ode to vampire fans.  Started with Dichro-Black base, then painted fangs with white acrylic, then dripped resin with red glitter on the fangs, and sealed it all in by Doming Up with another layer of brilliant resin.

And with this one I dripped nail polish onto my black resin base, then Domed it up.

And here I mixed glitter into my resin and cast different sizes in our hearts molds.  I added a sticker of a bat on the left hand one, and embellished with wire-wrapped crystals.


For more how-to's, check out our Resin Glitter Video, our Doming Up Video, and our Lovely Hearts Video.

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