Gabby Photo Beads Necklace

This beautiful design lets you wear your favorite photos close to your heart in a subtle and stylish way. You'll be joining all the Domed pieces together with a wire-wrapping technique, which is one of the techniques we use in the Little Windows starter kit.  Select any beads you like that accent the colors in your photos, or just pick your favorites!

resin photo beads jewelry making doming necklace

It takes a bit of work, but you'll be amazed how these longer necklaces come together - each unique and beautiful. Here are 2 other variations, but the possibilities are endless!


resin photo beads jewelry making doming necklace

You'll need to select 3 or 6 photos to make the three double-sided photo domes. And before you head out to shop, dig through your old jewelry to see what you have that can be made-over.

Click to download a materials list and instructions: “Gabby” HowTo Guide

Have fun, and let me know how yours turn out!