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Summer Memories - Your Photos in Resin

by Fran Valera

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HALLOWEEN IDEAS - Lots of fun Resin Projects!

by Fran Valera

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Travel Memory Magnets with Resin

by Fran Valera

Here’s a great idea for transforming memories of your favorite trips into awesome reminders that can live around you, not just on your computer!

MEMORY MAGNETS: I used the Doming Technique and added some jump rings to connect our awesome pictures to some simple graphics created in MicroSoft Word or Photoshop.  You can even cut pieces from postcards, brochures, maps….

TRAVEL COLLAGE: And here I use the Casting Technique to layer bits and pieces to create this wonderful collage.  Bottom layer is actually cut from a map and becomes a little translucent when you put it in the resin.  Second layer is a stamp, 3rd layer is a metal charm (I cut off the ring at the top).  Be sure to allow at least 4-5 hours between layers, more if your item is heavy.

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Favorite Photos Resin Jewelry Projects

by Fran Valera

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Twisted Resin Jewelry and Ornaments

by Fran Valera

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Bendy Resin Rings and Bracelets

by Fran Valera

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Layering with Resin and Dragons!

by Fran Valera

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Resin Photo Charms

by Fran Valera

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3-D Butterfly Resin Jewelry!

by Fran Valera

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Dichro Resin Hoop Kitty Cat

by Fran Valera


Resin Jewelry with acrylic paint and punches

Paint, Punch, & Resin Necklaces

by Fran Valera


Can you believe these beautiful, durable pieces
were made from painted paper?!  
Click the image above to watch our new video featuring the Paper Punches, metallic acrylic paints and the Silicone Doming Tray. Here are some of the featured projects, just look how Brilliant Resin over the paints makes them glow.
Here's another idea, I'm always looking for unique hair clips to hold my mop out of my face.  This one used the bendy resin technique, then I attached a metal hair clip using E6000 for flexibility.


For these projects you'll need:

Brilliant Resin (includes Measure & Mix Cups and Mixing Wands)
Large Silicone Doming Tray
Punches - you can get our sets or select the matching medium and small shapes you want (eg; small circle + medium circle)
Spring Drill
Clear Button Shanks
Dust covers (can be from any of our mold sets, or you can use a plastic container)
Sturdy jump rings (or other findings)
Metallic acrylic paints and crummy brushes


Have fun and send me pics of your creations!


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How to work with Resin in all kinds of Bezels

by Fran Valera


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Making Multiples in Resin

by Fran Valera

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Bendy Resin Ornaments

by Fran Valera

Scroll down for the how-to video.  This started with our cute Pumpkin Ornaments, but so much more is possible!   These pieces are all made using our Resin Color Films, domed with Brilliant Resin.  This was my original idea, inspired by an expensive glass pumpkin I saw:


Now look what else you can do!

Here's a design with 2 variations, one with a beaded accent wired into the center, and another with a domed photo in the center.  I love them both!  These are beautiful as ornaments, a photo desk display, or as a pin.  LOOK OUT CHIHULY!


Watch and learn how to make these yourself!

 This same technique can be used to make Bendy Resin Bracelets like these:

bendy resin bracelets jewelry making photo jewelry

Here are some other Bendy Resin projects you might like:



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Making Multi-Photo Bracelets with Resin Molds

by Fran Valera