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Resin Mixed Media with Artist Belinda Spiwak

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If you've stopped by our booth at a show, you've most likely seen some work by Mixed Media Artist Belinda Spiwak.  She combines found objects and scraps from other projects with a variety of other mediums like acrylic paint, texture paste, and color spritz, resulting in stunning collage effects. 

She then pours resin over select areas, letting some of the original textures show through.  The results are dramatic 3-D scapes.  Some tell a story, others are just fun!

Here are some examples:

Here's one more way you can use Little Windows Brilliant Resin to enhance your creations.  Belinda collaged many elements in this piece, then dripped resin over it, in an irregular way, protecting the piece, securing the bits in place, and creating great contrasts in texture and finish.  Click the video link below to see how it's done.




Click this image for a link to Belinda's Facebook Page, and check out her latest creations.  She's a true talent, turning any material - from papers to fabrics to metals - into stunning, layered art.  Thank you Belinda!

 One of Belinda's favorite sources for interesting bits and pieces is a website called, and I'll admit I'm obsessed with this site and their teeny-weeny puzzle pieces, micro-buttons, asian goodies, charms and ephemera of all sorts - lots to add to your resin creations.  So be sure to take a look for unique goodies at excellent prices!



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Single Cube Cast Resin Photo Bracelet

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by Fran Valera

There are many ways to add color to Brilliant Resin, they each have pros and cons.  Here are the ones I love best, WITH HOW-TO VIDEOS:


Resin Color Film

This is the cleanest and easiest way if you're going for transparent color.  Just cut to fit the shape of your mold or resin piece.

resin casting color film for jewelry makingresin casting color film for jewelry making rainbow

resin color film triangles


resin cast cabochon collage sea vacation


resin bezel jewelry color film rose nunn hoops

resin jewelry color necklace earrings doming



Here are some examples of how you can layer Resin Color Film:

resin jewelry layered color necklace casting

resin jewelry color film glitter heart necklace


Dichro-ISH Films 

Used with or without a black resin backing, these films add beautiful color and dimension.  Add a sheet, bits and pieces, or a cut-out shape.




Liquid/Gel Resin Colorant

Great options for opaque color, these blend easily without adding many bubbles.  The black pieces below were made with our Dichro-ISH Black Colorant, the white stripes were made with our opaque White Resin Colorant.

resin crafting cast black with white stripes ASMR resin art black and white ASMR

resin crafting black and white hair clip barrette bracelet jewelry



resin casting black white marble jewelry making


resin casting jewelry making black white in bezels

Layers with colorant and glitter mixed in.  Shallow cast in 2" cavities.

resin casting color bands red glitter white black

You can have fun mixing colors too, either letting one set up a bit before adding another, or blending them together to create unique designs. 

I made the projects below using a bit of leftover black and white colored resin. I had some in my mixing cup from another project.  It was nice and thick as it had been sitting for about 1/2 hour, so I used it to make spots in the bottom of my Medium Rectangle Mold. I let those spots harden, then poured resin with our White Colorant mixed in over it. For the one with the white spots and black background I reversed the application.

This is a super-easy project, but the key is to let the color you'll use for the spots get nice and thick so it stays where you put it in your mold.


resin casting black white coloring cow designs moo



Layering paint, nail polish, glitter, or photos:

resin casting crafting eyes glitter costume dragons




From fine cut to big and chunky, WE LOVE GLITTER!  You can mix any color in with your resin batch.  CLICK "Resin Glitter Fun" to the right for more info and a how-to video 

resin casting color film for jewelry makingresin casting color film for jewelry making

resin casting glitter hearts for jewelry making

resin casting Halloween glitter hearts

resin casting photo glitter ornament stickers
resin casting glitter hearts hair clip



Combine Resin Color Film and Glitter!

resin casting cabochons glitter color jewelry making


resin casting earrings glitter hearts color film


resin casting color film glitter wire pumpkin necklace


Acrylic Paint 

Between layers of set resin, not mixed in as that can affect cure time and final results.

This piece was incorporated into a cabochons necklace.

resin casting cabochon frog on bezel necklace


These are acrylic paint skins, punched into heart shapes and domed with Brilliant Resin.  They're lightweight and each one is unique so they make great jewelry.

resin acrylic paint pour jewelry


resin acrylic paint pour jewelry making



Nail Polish

As with acrylics, paint between or over layers of set resin, don't mix it in as that can affect cure time and final results.


You can also combine acrylic paint and nail polish



Alcohol Inks 

Such fun!  From petri projects to painting on photos to splatter patterns, alcohol inks are so much fun to use in Brilliant Resin!  Here are some projects from our Double-Sided Molds tutorial
You can see the petri bangle technique in detail in this tutorial from Myriam's Nature
resin alcohol inks bangle bracelet mold petri technique
This can be hit-or-miss as some ink colors react with the resin in weird ways. Here are some experiments we've done by applying inks to a photo, and between layers of resin:


For this test I spashed alcohol inks onto our Clear Photo Film, then punched out some circles and domed them with Brilliant Resin.

brilliant resin alcohol inks splash on Clear Photo Film

Then I figured out how to create these tie-dye type looks:

Here's a hit from our friend Chrissy Lampitt, she added inks to the tile, then stamped, then sealed it all with resin:

You can mix a little alcohol ink into your resin for transparent color, but results vary, and if you add too much it will affect resin set-up.


In the Petri Technique you drip white and colored alcohol inks into resin, here are some examples of how this can look in cast eyes:

This technique is random, some are amazing others are duds.  Here are some of my favorites:



In this how-to video, you can fast-forward to 5:30 and 10:00 to focus on colorants: