resin craft supplies for making magnets

Travel Memory Magnets with Resin

by Fran Valera

Here’s a great idea for transforming memories of your favorite trips into awesome reminders that can live around you, not just on your computer!

MEMORY MAGNETS: I used the Doming Technique and added some jump rings to connect our awesome pictures to some simple graphics created in MicroSoft Word or Photoshop.  You can even cut pieces from postcards, brochures, maps….

TRAVEL COLLAGE: And here I use the Casting Technique to layer bits and pieces to create this wonderful collage.  Bottom layer is actually cut from a map and becomes a little translucent when you put it in the resin.  Second layer is a stamp, 3rd layer is a metal charm (I cut off the ring at the top).  Be sure to allow at least 4-5 hours between layers, more if your item is heavy.

resin jewelry with photos

Scrappy Cast Resin Jewelry - Photoshop Tutorial

by Fran Valera

resin dominoes project

Altered Dominoes

by Fran Valera

resin earrings

Kaleidoscopic Resin Earrings

by Fran Valera