Brilliant 3-D Butterflies!

resin jewelry butterfly Clear Photo Film dichroish 3D Ring

We're having weirdly warm weather here in SoCal, perfect for launching our new video on how to make 3-D Butterflies!

Use the Doming Technique and our Clear Photo Film to make pieces that look like they're about to take flight!    These beauties can be turned into necklaces, earrings, pins, magnets or ornaments, and other eye-catching gifts.



Use clear packing tape or Amazing Tape to hold your shapes in place without bothering the surface:

resin jewelry butterfly 3D Clear Photo Film Blue Purple
resin doming 3d butterfly jewelry hair clip purple

And just feast your eyes on these creations by our Amazing Makers:

This inspiring piece was created by artist Lynn Dodge as a memorial for those killed in the Montecito mud slide, made with debris from that tragic event.  It's so evocative.  75% of the sale will go to a local charity.  See below for a note from this fine artist, I think she's an angel.

"Hi Fran,

This is a piece of art I created using Little Windows Brilliant Resin.  It is called “Transformation” and was made with the debris from the Montecito mud slide in Montecito, Ca. In memory of the 23 lives that were lost that day.  

I found a laminated USA wall map in the dirt, all muddy and torn up.  I took it home, cleaned it up and cut out the butterflies.  I knew I wanted to make them look like they are flying free and that’s where your wonderful resin came into play.
I cut out each butterfly and then applied your Little Window resin per the directions to each Butterfly to give them dimension.  After about 12 hours I was able to bend them and tape into position.  Afterwards I glued them to clear plexiglass rods to give them the appearance of flying free.  The metal base was also debris that I found.
Thanks for a wonderful product, that was not only easy to use but created the perfect finish to each Butterfly!
I highly recommend your products and will be using them in future art projects!
Lynn Dodge"
Here's a close-up of the found-metal base.


These beautiful creations by Jessica Yelverton are so dreamy! 


Dazzling magnets and barrettes by Liz Wells in Australia:


Follow this tutorial to make your own!

New 3D Butterflies using Dichro-ISH Films!

resin jewelry butterfly dichroish 3D
resin jewelry butterfly dichroish 3D layering films
resin jewelry making dichro butterfly silicone doming tray
resin jewelry butterfly dichroish 3D wire




Here are some other Bendy Resin projects you might like:


Amazing Clear Photo Film:

Made for inkjet, this high-resolution film makes some incredible projects.  From single, see-through images, to a variety of layering and dimensional effects, there's so much you can do with this film!   

Watch Doming Video / Buy Clear Photo Film