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where to buy resin supplies for birthstone jewelry
Resin Challenge: all the BIRTHSTONES!
What you'll need to make this:
- Dividers for Bangle Molds
- Resin 12 oz. Set (deals on multiples)
- Alcohol Ink Rainbow Set
- Alcohol Ink Sparkle & Shine Set
- Resin Color Film - Jewel Colors - the easy, clean way to color resin
- Resin Color Film - Pretty Pale Tints - the easy, clean way to color resin
- Dichro-ISH Film JUMBO Pack
- Set of Black AND White Resin Colorants
- Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive - 10 sheets
(selections can be changed at checkout)

You'll also need

Scissors, straight pin, toothpick, paper towels.

Gold or Silver Accent Pins if desired.



This was an amazing exploration into color matching using my favorite resin colorants in teardrop molds. Although these examples are small castings, they are meant to be scaled up for any size resin art or craft project, or for any type of resin jewelry making where you'd like to match a specific color, gemstone, flower, or any reference at all. Use this resin color guide to make wedding jewelry and wedding favors, to personalize gifts, or to produce sellable resin charms, pendants, earrings, or other pieces.

I've focused on the most popular birthstones, and have listed them by month to keep this simple. I've also listed the zodiac cut-off dates to be sure you have the right birthstone for the person you have in mind. These start and end dates can also vary by source, so be sure to double-check if your person is on the cusp.

Whether you've got a stash of supplies, or are looking for a resin jewelry starter kit, we have all you need for incredible projects. Your resin adventures can begin now, the list above and the recipes below should help you create your own resin jewelry starter kit, just choose the resin colorants that appeal most to you. If you've been wondering where to buy resin supplies, you've found it! We have the best resin jewelry supplies, and the best customer support as you dive into resin jewelry making, resin art, and resin crafts of all kinds.

Keeping in mind that this is totally subjective, with color, texture, and reflection preferences varying from person to person, here are the materials used for each color match in this tutorial that I felt succeeded in some way:

January - Garnet  - Dec 22-Jan 19 (see Stone Effects video for Rose Quartz)

  1.  Alcohol Ink Red from Rainbow Set + Black Resin Colorant - then add more BRC for the darker one on the bottom left
  2.  Resin Color Films - Jewel Red + Pale Lavender, with Double-Sided Adhesive
  3. Extra - partially blended for swirly look

February - Amethyst - Jan 20-Feb 18

  1.  Resin Color Films - Jewel Purple
  2.  Alcohol Ink Purple from Rainbow Set + Black Resin Colorant
  3.  Extra - mix above at bottom of mold, clear at top, swish in Metallic Pearl from Sparkle & Shine Set, made design with straight pin

March - Aquamarine - Feb 19-Mar 20 (see Stone Effects video for Jade) 

  1. Clear stone at bottom left - Alcohol Ink Aqua + a bit of Blue from Rainbow Set
  2. Milky stone at top - Mix above + White Resin Colorant
  3. Clear stone bottom right is Resin Color Film Pale Aqua 
  4.  Extra - second from left - clear resin at tip + aqua resin + blue resin + White Resin Colorant at the bottom, swirl with straight pin

April - Diamond, Clear Quartz - Mar 21-Apr 19 

  1.  Clear Resin (optional embed flat back crystal)
  2.  Clear Resin + White Resin Colorant mostly blended
  3.  Clear resin + Gold Glitter Alcohol Ink at tip, embed gold head pin if you'd like
  4.  Pour Clear Resin at tip, add White Resin Colorant, use straight pin to swirl to make wispy look
  5.  Clear Resin + drip Deep White Alcohol Ink, drip lines of clear resin to break up petri effect
  6.  Clear Resin + Gold Glitter at tip + drip layer of white resin (made with either WRC or AI)
  7.  Clear Resin + White Alcohol Ink fully blended
  8.  Extra - Clear resin with Gold Glitter Alcohol Ink from Sparkle & Shine Set mixed in, + swish in White Resin Colorant + embed Sterling Silver Headpins, allow to set for 90 minutes, insert flat back crystal, push down to create Ripple Effect

May - Emerald - Apr 20-May 20

  1.  Resin Color Film Jewel Green - 2 layers, with Double-Sided Adhesive
  2.  Alcohol Ink Green and Blue from Rainbow Set
  3.  Extra - Alcohol Ink Green + Rainbow Sparkle Alcohol Ink

June - Pearl, Moonstone - May 21-Jun 21 (Alexandrite eluded me, I'll try again in future)


  1. Alcohol Ink Pearl from Sparkle & Shine Set
  2. Pearl Mica powder



  1. Blue-ish Moonstone - Alcohol Ink Base Blue and Purple from Rainbow Set + White Resin Colorant. Layer of Dichro-ISH Film flat or crinkled, top with slightly whitish resin.
  2. Purple-ish Moonstone - Clear Base, Resin Color Film Pale Lavender + Dichro-ISH Violet flat with Double-Sided Adhesive, slightly whitish resin top layer
  3. Clear base + Dichro-ISH Film Violet flat + whitish resin top layer
  4. Extra - any of the above, with White Resin Colorant swished with a straight pin in to create striations

July - Ruby - Jun 22-Jul 22

  1. Alcohol Inks Magenta + Red from Rainbow Set
  2. Above mix + Purple Alcohol Ink to darken, as needed
  3. Resin Color Film Jewel Pink + Red with Double-Sided Adhesive
  4. Resin Color Film Jewel Red + Texture Film with Double-Sided Adhesive
  5. Resin Color Film Jewel Red + crinkled aluminum foil with Double-Sided Adhesive
  6. Extra + White Resin Colorant swirled in or + Rainbow Sparkle, or Magenta resin + Red Resin ombre with swishes to blend

August - Peridot - Jul 23-Aug 22

  1. Resin Color Film Pale Green + Peach/Lime Green Dichro-ISH Film with Double-Sided Adhesive
  2. For transparent stone - Alcohol Ink Green + Yellow from Rainbow Set
  3. For opaque stone - above mix + White Resin Colorant

September - Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli - Aug 23-Sept 22


  1. Alcohol Ink Blue from Rainbow Set + Black Resin Colorant
  2. Resin Color Film Jewel Blue 2 layers + Dichro-ISH Violet flat with Double-Sided Adhesive


      Lapis Lazuli

  1. Alcohol Ink Blue + Black Resin Colorant + White Resin Colorant
  2. Jewel Blue Resin Color Film, topped with the mix described in #1
  3. Fill mold with mix described in #1 + drip in Deep White Alcohol Ink and Gold Glitter Alcohol Ink, swish with toothpick

October - Opal, Pink Tourmaline - Sept 23-Oct 23

Opal - all made with Dichro-ISH Films, some with Resin Color Film behind to add color, attached with Double-Stick Adhesive, topped with slightly white resin made with White Resin Colorant. If you'd like to replicate a specific one, let me know and I'll be happy to help.

      Pink Tourmaline

  1. Resin Color Film Pale Pink
  2. Resin Color Films Pale Pink and Peach + Dichro-ISH Film in Pink/Copper-Green, use Double-Sided Adhesive or Resin Backer Film to hold layers together
  3. Alcohol Ink Pink and Orange from Rainbow Set, veining made with White Resin Colorant + Orange Alcohol Ink, swished in with straight pin
  4. Alcohol Ink mix described above + Purple alcohol ink from Rainbow Set

November - Citrine, Topaz - Oct 24-Nov 21

  1. Resin Color Film jewel Yellow + Pale Apricot with Double-Sided Adhesive
  2. Alcohol Ink Yellow + Orange from Rainbow Set, add veins with brown made with Red AI + Black Resin Colorant, combine these 2 mixes for the brown one
  3. Extras - Metallic Gold from Sparkle & Shine Set, Yellow Alcohol Ink + Rainbow Sparkle, Yellow/Orange Ombre + White Resin Colorant swishes, Orange with opaly blobs or beads inserted after resin has set up 1-2 hours to get ripple effect

December - Blue Zircon, Tanzanite, Turquoise - Nov 22-Dec 21

Blue Zircon

  1. Alcohol Ink Blue + Aqua + touch of Green from Rainbow Set
  2. Mix described above + tiny bit of Black Resin Colorant
  3. Clear resin + aqua from Rainbow Set to make clear, light stone
  4. Resin Color Film Jewel Teal 2 layers + Dichro-ISH Film crinkled with Double-Sided Adhesive


  1. Resin Color Film Jewel Lavender + crinkled Dichro-ISH Film Violet with Double-Sided Adhesive
  2. Alcohol Ink Blue + Purple from Rainbow Set + Black Resin Colorant

Turquoise - reserve a bit of clear, color the rest of the batch with White Resin Colorant as these are all opaque

  1. Alcohol Ink Aqua + Blue from Rainbow Set
  2. For mottled - pour puddle of clear on non-stick sheet, mix in Metallic Alcohol Inks from Sparkle & Shine Set, swish into turquoise base with straight pin
  3. Extra - metallic flakes + Gold Glitter Alcohol Ink
  4. For deeper color - Turquoise Base mix described in 1 + more blue
  5. Add Metallic Bronze + Gold from Sparkle & Shine Set to the base mix, don't blend, just pour in or swish in with toothpick
  6. Textured Petri - fill mold with clear resin, drip in Aqua Alcohol Ink, wait 5 minutes, drip Deep White Alcohol Ink across surface. For darker effect, drip Metallic Black from Sparkle & Shine Set over the back - I think it'll look better with either Brown or Metallic Bronze Alcohol Ink.

Get the best resin jewelry starter kit, or grab individual supplies that'll take your resin crafting to the next level! 

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