Bangle Bracelets, Ornaments, Trinket Dishes!

I'M SOOOO HAPPY to announce the launch of the conversion of our Large Resin Molds to Silicone!!  While I was at it, I thought "why not make use of these awesome shapes to build-in another mold?"  So you'll get 2 molds in each shape. 

These beauties are made from super high-quality, mirror-finish silicone and have a slightly deeper version of our original Large Geometric Mold shapes in the top, and a same-shaped bangle mold in the bottom. 

Each mold comes with a cropping template, clear dust covers, a thorough Maker's Guide, and wet-dry sandpaper to get rid of any sharp edges or bumps.

Watch this tutorial, and have fun creating!!

Here's a close-up of our stack-o-bangles, you'll find details in the guide that comes with these molds, and they're all in the tutorial vid:

resin bangle bracelets tutorial

Some of the other cool things I've been making with these molds:

resin tutorial ornaments keychains fabric


Won't these make the very best gifts for everyone you know?


resin tutorial trinket dishes


For these projects you'll need:

Brilliant Resin  (includes mixing cups and mixing wands)

Double-Sided Large Molds

Special Photo Paper  /  Resin Color Film  /  Dichro-ISH Films

Large Silicone Doming Tray

And whatever else you'd like to add to your creations.

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Have lots of fun making, and send pics of your creations