Bangle Bracelets, Ornaments, Trinket Dishes!

LOTS OF TUTORIALS HERE!!  All of these projects were made with our Double-Sided Molds  These are well-priced, made from high-quality, shiny silicone.  They have a deeper version of our original Large Geometric Mold shapes in the top, and a matching-shaped bangle mold in the bottom. 


Here's the latest tutorial, focused on Photo Bangle Bracelets, have fun!

Each mold comes with a cropping template, clear dust covers, a thorough Maker's Guide, and wet-dry sandpaper to get rid of any sharp edges or bumps.


Another technique creating beautiful bangles with our JUMBO Pack of DichroISH Films.  You can use single or multiple layers for color-shifting gorgeousness!




Watch this tutorial, and have fun!!   scroll down for more

Here are some close-ups of fun project ideas, you'll find details in the guide that comes with these molds, and they're all in the tutorial vid:

resin casting belt buckle resin crafts little windows






 resin casting alcohol inks bangle bracelets


Here's what you'll need...

resin casting little windows alcohol inks bangle bracelets

Use the guide that comes with these molds to size your strips.

resin casting alcohol inks bangle bracelets little windows

resin casting little windows alcohol inks bangle braceletsresin casting little windows alcohol inks jewelry making

For these bangles and sun catchers, attach a sheet of Clear Photo Film to a stiff board (cardboard, a clipboard, or other white surface), prop it up at an angle and squeeze your inks at the top of the sheet, allowing them to run down.  For distinct colors let each one dry before adding the next color.  You can tip the sheet different ways to get all kinds of rivulet patterns, and try dripping pure alcohol in spots to create more intricate looks.  CLICK HERE for alcohol ink recommendations.  Have fun experimenting!




resin casting bangle bracelet mold alcohol inks button little windows

resin bangle bracelets tutorial

Here's one you can make 2 different ways - either print graphics on our Clear Photo Film and paint white acrylic paint on the back so the images are opaque, or just arrange stickers on a strip of clear plastic, or a piece of clear packing tape. I mixed a tiny bit of super-fine glitter in my resin 'cause Princess Bubblegum asked nicely.

resin cast bangle bracelet Adventuretime Stickers glitter



resin casting jewelry making candy sprinkles bangle bracelets

Here's an excerpt from the full video above on casting candies in your resin.

More great bangles made with Black and White Resin Colorant and Glow In The Dark:

resin casting bangle bracelets black and white glow in the dark

Here's how the top right bracelet looks as it GLOWS IN THE DARK!

resin casting bangle bracelet mold glow in the dark

More things I've been making with the top sides of these molds:

resin cast photo magnet large circle mold giltter


So much fun, and so versatile!  You can cast from 1/8" thick up to 3/4" thick for a variety of looks.  Single pour or lots of layers for dimension.

resin tutorial ornaments keychains fabric


The best gifts for everyone you know!

resin casting trinket dish photo keepsake mold 

resin tutorial trinket dishes


For these projects you'll need:

Brilliant Resin  (includes mixing cups and mixing wands)

Double-Sided Large Molds

Special Photo Paper  /  Resin Color Film  /  Dichro-ISH Films

Large Silicone Doming Tray

And whatever else you'd like to add to your creations.

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 resin bangle bracelet casting jewelry making sizes

resin bangle bracelet casting jewelry making sizes



I used spooky stickers but you can use any designs you like for year-round happy!

 resin bangle bracelet casting cuff jewelry making stickers Halloweenresin bangle bracelet casting cuff jewelry making stickers Halloween

Have lots of fun making, and send pics of your creations