Clear Photo Votives

Clear Photo Votive

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Clear Photo Votive Lily

Another brilliant project idea :)

I just finished editing this video and I LOVE the results.  Using our new Clear Photo Film, some resin, a drill, and some jumprings, we created a new way to showcase your pix!

Of course during the making of this video I thought of about 25 more projects using this technique.  Send me your ideas too and we'll add them to the mix!

Clear Candle Votives How-To Video


When you're doming larger pieces like these, especially with the Clear Photo Film, you should stabilize them by adding a stiff paper like cardstock to the back before adding resin.  This will keep your pieces from curling up as they set.  You can use a few small pieces of double-stick tape to attach them.  Here's an example:



And here's an example I made using the same technique, but printing in color and cutting around my lovies.  I leave it open on my desk when not in use:


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