Cabochons (half-spheres)

Soooo much fun to be had with our Silicone Cabochons Mold!

resin casting cast miniature dancers collage mixed media

Door knobs / drawer pulls...resin crafting cast cabochon dried flowers knob pull

Keychains and other keepsakes

resin crafting cast candy sprinkles letter beads

Collage mixed mediaResin Crafting cabochons collage mixed media paperweight


Resin crafting cabochons fabric buttons


resin layers crafting cabochon jewelry necklace frog acrylic paint

Resin cabochon necklace jewelry red glitter shield hero

Resin Crafting Cabochon Necklace Black and White

Here are some other how-to's you might want to check out:

resin crafting glitter cabochons  resin crafting cosplay accessories raven belt cabochon  resin crafting cabochon scarab charm red gold


Although our flat-bottomed molds are better suited for making photo jewelry, you can also make shiny half-sphere resin photo domes using our new Silicone Cabochons Mold. 


On this one we added names to the back printed on Clear Photo Film:

resin crafting cast wedding favors personalize photo





You can also layer components.  Here we combined our photo with wire and shells, layered over Resin Color Film (the blue part), and scrapbook paper.

And in this one I cut out our kitty cat's head and layered that with her name and type printed on Clear Photo Film.  Backed with a layer of white resin made with our White Resin Colorant

resin crafting cabochon layer photo type kitty cat

Here's a how-to video, skip to 6:46 for photo cabs: