resin jewelry making with photos and beads

Gabby Photo Beads Necklace

by Fran Valera

resin butterfly jewelry

Dichro-ISH 3D Resin Butterfly

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resin and alcohol inks in bangle bracelets

Colorful Alcohol Ink Strips in Resin

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resin and alcohol inks

Alcohol Ink and Photo Silhouettes in Resin - Jewelry Making

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resin in bezels for jewelry black and white color

Black & White Resin Designs in Bezels

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resin and crystals with how to train your dragon images

Using Crystals in your Resin Projects

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resin jewelry project ideas

3-D Butterfly Resin Jewelry!

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resin jewelry making

Make Bumble Bee Jewelry

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resin jewelry supplies with dried flowers

Fabric, Dried Flowers, Yarn in Resin Bangle Bracelets

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resin bracelets with photos

Resin Keepsake Photo Bangle Bracelets

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resin project idea for art and craft

Dichro-ISH Films in Resin: Specific Shapes

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resin technique

Doming Up with Resin: Doming over a cast piece

by Fran Valera

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resin project ideas and craft supplies

Bendy Resin Roses (and other flowers too)

by Fran Valera

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resin project cat for jewelry

Dichro Resin Hoop Kitty Cat

by Fran Valera


Resin Jewelry with acrylic paint and punches

Paint, Punch, & Resin Necklaces

by Fran Valera


Can you believe these beautiful, durable pieces
were made from painted paper?!  
Click the image above to watch our new video featuring the Paper Punches, metallic acrylic paints and the Silicone Doming Tray. Here are some of the featured projects, just look how Brilliant Resin over the paints makes them glow.
Here's another idea, I'm always looking for unique hair clips to hold my mop out of my face.  This one used the bendy resin technique, then I attached a metal hair clip using E6000 for flexibility.


For these projects you'll need:

Brilliant Resin (includes Measure & Mix Cups and Mixing Wands)
Large Silicone Doming Tray
Punches - you can get our sets or select the matching medium and small shapes you want (eg; small circle + medium circle)
Spring Drill
Clear Button Shanks
Dust covers (can be from any of our mold sets, or you can use a plastic container)
Sturdy jump rings (or other findings)
Metallic acrylic paints and crummy brushes


Have fun and send me pics of your creations!