resin jewelry project idea

Bee-Beautiful Resin Pendant

by Fran Valera

resin project ideas

Dichro-ISH Sun Catchers / Hair Sticks / Bookmarks

by Fran Valera

resin project ideas and supplies for earrings

Embossed Dichro-ISH Film Resin Earrings

by Fran Valera

resin project ideas for earrings

Texture Film Resin Earrings with Crystals

by Fran Valera

how to make resin earrings heart shape

Texture Film Heart Earrings

by Fran Valera

resin color with color shift films

Layering Dichro-ISH Films in Resin

by Fran Valera

resin in bezels

Resin + Dichro-ISH Color Shift Films in Bezels

by Fran Valera

casting resin jewelry bracelets and earrings with color shift

Embossed Color Shift Bangle Bracelets

by Fran Valera

resin buttons color shift casting

Textured Dichro Color-Shift Buttons

by Fran Valera

resin project ideas with texture and color

Embossed DICHRO Color-Shift Jewelry

by Fran Valera

Create sparkling color-shifting beauty with some JUMBO Dichro-ISH Films and texture tools.   You can use a single sheet or multiple layers to create depth, dimension and shine in your resin work.  Embossing, Casting, Doming, Demolding, and adding findings are all demonstrated in this tutorial.  Have fun!


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Here are close-ups of the projects from this video:

resin jewelry cast bangle bracelets with dichro films embossed

resin jewelry cast bangle bracelets dichro embossed mermaid scales gearsresin jewelry cast bangle gear dichro hair embossedresin jewelry casting bangle bracelets dichro ish heart hands

Our general manager approves :)

resin jewelry making cast bangle bracelets cat judge 

This pair of earrings looks totally different depending on the lighting.  Dichro-ISH Film embossed with the gear pattern folder, then domed on both sides with jewelry findings embedded in the resin. They are long but lightweight!

resin jewelry making earrings long gear dichro ish on cactus

resin jewelry making long drop earrings gear reflectiveresin jewelry making long dichro gear earrings on pot metallic


Doubled-up Texture Film, domed on both sides then drilled with our Spring Drill. 

resin jewelry earring doming heart texture film green blueResin crafting casting jewelry making earrings dichro film color shift iridescentresin jewelry earring doming heart texture film on plant


This pair was also made with doubled-up Texture Film, domed on both sides, with crystals embedded as the resin set up.  Holes added with our Spring Drill, ear wires were hand-formed with copper wire.

resin jewelry earring doming long texture film display

resin jewelry earrings doming long opal texture film on display


These tiny shiny beauties were made from scraps from a bracelet project, domed on both sides, with the jewelry findings (sterling silver head pins), embedded in the resin.


resin jewelry earring doming aqua opal on

Dichro-ISH Film embossed with the Gear pattern, cast in Brilliant Resin in our Medium Squares Mold.  This one changes from gold to green to blue, depending on the lighting and angle.

resin jewelry cast necklace dichro ish gold green bee


Dichro-ISH Films are too flimsy to dome if they are just a single layer.  For this piece I took a piece of clear packing tape, sprinkled some chunky glitter, then pressed a sheet of Texture Film onto the tape.  Then cut out my shape and domed it on both sides with Brilliant Resin.  Used my Spring Drill to make holes for these super-strong sterling silver plated jumprings, and strung it onto one of our sterling plated snake chains.  So simple, so sweet.

resin jewelry doming necklace texture film glitter bar on succulentresin jewelry doming necklace texture film glitter bar on


Ooooh, these are some of my favorite pieces from the embossed Dichro-ISH Films video, they're simple but the hex pattern in blue is so eye-catching as it shifts in the light.  This first piece was cast in our Medium Rectangles Mold.

resin jewelry cast necklace embossed dichro film hex blue rectangle

Here are 2 jewelry options for the same piece!

resin crafting jewelry making embossed dichro jewelry color shift hex earrings necklace

And here's what if looks like if you turn that piece sideways, and drill the corners.

resin jewelry doming necklace embossed dichro film blue hex bar


Now for some deliciousness!!!  Doming in progress...

resin jewelry doming dichro film embossed on silicone doming tray

resin jewelry doming dichro film suncatchers bookmarks reflective

resin jewelry doming suncatchers dichro films refractions through window



Here I'm following the Twisted Resin Technique from this tutorial.

resin jewelry doming ornament dichro films twisting on stickresin jewelry doming twisted suncatchers ornaments dichro films

This is the very same ornament, on the left it's shown with light reflecting off it, which lets the metallic reflective coating shine.  The image on the right has light BEHIND the ornament, this shows off the beautiful base colors of the film.

resin jewelry doming twisted ornament dichro films embossed

resin jewelry doming ornament twisted texture film on tree

Have fun with this technique, and send me photos of your creations!

Resin crafting casting jewelry making dichro film color shift iridescent


resin craft supplies

Dichro-ISH Resin Jewelry and Decor

by Fran Valera

New and full of gorgeous project ideas, scroll down to watch!



Here are some of the actual projects made during this video, although they are much more impressive, colorful and shiny in person :)


This pin was made by combining one of our cast pieces with one of the domed pieces:


CLICK HERE for tips on turning your resin creations into jewelry, buttons, drawer pulls and more. 

And more from our previous post...


Love, love, LOVE these new looks we're getting with the new Little Windows Dichro-ISH supplies.






Here's our original Dichro-ISH video, some things have changed since this was created, like our Black Colorant has been improved from a black powder to an easier-to-blend, less messy gel:


For these projects you'll need:

Brilliant Resin Set (includes mixing wands and cups)
Brilliant Molds
Dichro-ISH Supplies (black colorant + dichro films)
Doming Tray
Findings (jumprings, chains, pins, etc.)
Drill (Spring Drill or Creative Drill recommended)
Dry paper towels
Sharp scissors
A timer
Dust covers  (come with Little Windows molds)

Click here to buy your Dichro-ISH Supplies!

Resin Dichro-ISH Supplies dichroic iridescent film colorant

Resin Dichro-ISH dichroic iridescent film colorant


Here's a Dichro-ISH Films color chart for your reference:

Resin Dichro-ISH dichroic Film Colorant Iridescent

Here's another idea - use clear resin to Dome Up for buttons, rings, and hair bobbles like these:


Here's what Stephanie in Pensacola, FL has been making with Dichro-ISH, glitter and sequins, so cool!