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On my last trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market I found some awesome old watches - cheap because they were broken.  I didn't care because I just came home and cracked them open, exposing the most amazingly intricate gears and parts, still brilliant even after 40+ years.  Here are a few of the pieces I created from our finds, but I can't decide what to make with them,  ...necklaces?  ...a big chunky bracelet?  ...bookmarks?   hmmmm...... have any ideas?

I used the Medium Circles Mold and layered bits and pieces in our brilliant clear resin, to create floating dimension that is altered by whatever is placed behind it.  Sort of like a window back in time.

And here’s a close-up so you can see the awesome way each shiny gear reflects up and around the edges.

  I guess this falls in with the Steampunk trend, which is pretty popular in spots.  In case you’re interested, here’s a bit from Wikipedia that sums up this funky fashion genre:

“Steampunk fashion (is a take on Victorian Fantasy, which) may include gowns, corsets, petticoats and bustles; suits with vests, coats and spats or military-inspired garments. Steampunk-influenced outfits will often be accented with a mixture of technological and period accessories: timepieces, parasols, goggles and ray guns. Modern accessories like cell phones or music players can be found in steampunk outfits, after being modified to give them the appearance of Victorian-made objects. You’ll also see the influence in neo-Victorianism, and the romantic goth subculture.”

Altered Dominoes

Awesome altered artist Denise Moore created these beautiful pieces by layering graphics, found accents (beads, watch parts, etc.), and Little Windows resin over dominoes!

 She sells these and other fab jewelry on Etsy, and has posted how-to instructions for us on her blog.  Thanks for the inspiration Denise!

Denise's Etsy Store           Altered Domino Tutorial



Rubik's Photo Cube

rubiks photo cube resin gift

Two awesome gift ideas: the 4-square photo cube - available for sale WITHOUT STICKERS (save the fingernails!) - and a magnetized checker game. Both of these projects use the Doming Technique and Little Windows FREE Medium Square shape Photo Cropping Software, which you can access from our homepage.

And if you'd like to transform a 9-square cube you already have, click here for a how-to PDF.


Check out the 2-part video walking you step-by-step through how to create your own personalized Rubik's Cube! This is our most thorough video yet, and shares lots of tips.  This video can help out with ANY Doming Project!

This 2-part video will teach you how to make them:

Part I

Part II


 These cubes are an exact fit for our FREE Little Windows Photo Cropping Software!

Double Donut Necklace

Here's a gorgeous new look!  This is one of my designs, using the Doming technique to create a spinning inset within shell donut beads.  This is all put together with a simple wire-wrapping technique.

The tricky part is finding donuts that fit within one another.  So don't feel like you have to stick with shell beads, you can try those cool resin donuts, metal ones, anything you can find, really.  And the inside one doesn't even have to be a donut, it can be a flat bead too.  You can get these beads online, and they may have them at your local craft store or bead shop, just be sure the holes are drilled straight.   I've made my domed pieces a bit smaller than the inner bead so the pink of the shell will show, but it can cover the whole bead too.  There are lots of ways to customize this design, from the type of chain to the accent beads and the charm you use at the bottom.

Donut Necklace How-To Video


Gabby Photo Beads Necklace

This beautiful design lets you wear your favorite photos close to your heart in a subtle and stylish way. You'll be joining all the Domed pieces together with a wire-wrapping technique, which is one of the techniques we use in the Little Windows starter kit.  Select any beads you like that accent the colors in your photos, or just pick your favorites!

resin photo beads jewelry making doming necklace

It takes a bit of work, but you'll be amazed how these longer necklaces come together - each unique and beautiful. Here are 2 other variations, but the possibilities are endless!


resin photo beads jewelry making doming necklace

You'll need to select 3 or 6 photos to make the three double-sided photo domes. And before you head out to shop, dig through your old jewelry to see what you have that can be made-over.

Click to download a materials list and instructions: “Gabby” HowTo Guide

Have fun, and let me know how yours turn out!

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