Alcohol Inks in Resin

resin casting alcohol inks bangle bracelets

There's lots of fun to be had by incorporating alcohol inks into Brilliant Resin, here are a few techniques you can try,  CLICK HERE for alcohol ink recommendations:

Simple colors

You can add color between layers of resin for beautiful organic looks, or to add dimension.  Inks can be painted on, or dripped and blotted. 

resin casting alcohol inks blue waves earrings

resin casting alcohol inks jewelry making earring necklace


Sticker Resist

resin cast alcohol inks resist stickers jewelry

resin casting alcohol inks monogram jewelry making

Step 1 - Cast clear layer of Brilliant Resin in any mold and allow to set up.

Step 2 - Place a monogram sticker on the resin, rub it down well, then drip, daub, or paint inks over it.  Allow to dry, then remove the sticker. 

Step 3 - Add a layer of clear Brilliant Resin to seal it in.


Here's one on a white cast resin piece, outlined in silver ink:

resin casting alcohol inks monogram jewelrymaking


Dripping Inks on Clear Photo Film

resin casting doming alcohol inks jewelry

This is a fun way to create gorgeous glass-like looks. In the image above I dripped inks on a sheet of Clear Photo Film, which holds the inks very well, and then blew through a straw to splat them out. 

 resin casting alcohol inks bangle bracelets

resin casting little windows alcohol inks jewelry suncatcher

Here's what you'll need...

resin casting little windows alcohol inks bangle bracelets

Use the guide that comes with these molds to size your strips.

resin casting alcohol inks bangle bracelets little windows

resin casting little windows alcohol inks bangle braceletsresin casting little windows alcohol inks jewelry making

For these bangles and sun catchers, attach a sheet of Clear Photo Film to a stiff board (cardboard, a clipboard, or other white surface), prop it up at an angle and squeeze your inks at the top of the sheet, allowing them to run down.  For distinct colors let each one dry before adding the next color.  You can tip the sheet different ways to get all kinds of rivulet patterns, and try dripping pure alcohol in spots to create more intricate looks.  CLICK HERE for alcohol ink recommendations.  Have fun experimenting!




Petri Technique

As anyone who has tried this technique knows, it's trial and error until you figure out how to get the look you want. Our friend Myriam of Myriam's Nature has tons of well done video tutorials that can save you time and money, and give you great new ideas. 

resin casting petri bangle bracelets mold alcohol inks Myriams Nature



resin casting petri technique alcohol inks bangle bracelet

Here are some resin eyes I made using our Silicone Cabochons Mold, Brilliant Resin, White Resin Colorant, alcohol inks, and a black nail polish pen:

resin casting silicone cabochons mold resin petri eyes

 resin casting eyes petri alcohol inks

resin casting petri alcohol inks eyes

This is done in a similar way to the glitter eyes in this how-to video.



Coloring Photos

You can also paint or blot alcohol inks onto our Special Photo Papers for selective color or design.  While the inks stay put nicely even with layering resin, some colors of alcohol inks shift in resin, and some fade faster than others.

resin casting alcohol inks test