Is Little Windows toxic?

by Fran Valera

For most humans, properly used, our resin is not a toxic product.  In fact, it's the safest epoxy you'll find, it does not contain chemicals which produce dangerous off-gassing that can lead to chronic issues. There are no solvents, nor any nonylphenol, which is a dangerous chemical contained in Part B of most other resins you'll find.  Also, ours doesn't have a stinky or strong odor. 

Even though its safe for most humans, our labeling works to prevent the extreme possibilities of misuse - as you'll see, the directions cover mostly common sense things (don't drink it, don't get it in your eyes), as well as "avoid breathing fumes and getting on skin" because if people sniff directly from the bottles or leave it on their skin for extended periods, it can be irritating.

Whether or not it is completely non-toxic depends on how you use it/misuse it, your history with respiratory issues, and your chemical sensitivities. Another thing you'll note in our directions is "keep out of reach of children", another plea for common sense. We don't want kids or pets ingesting it, or getting it on your carpet, where it's difficult to clean up.

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