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Tools - wipe cups and wands clean with dry paper towel.

Molds - allow resin to dry, then pick off with fingernail - no need to wash Little Windows molds, that will only leave a residue.

On hard surfaces - wipe with dry paper towel, remove residue with cleaner like Simple Green or acetone.

On soft surfaces (fabric, carpet, hair, etc) - this is the hardest, you will want to wash with dish soap before it cures, until no longer sticky.

On skin - wipe with dry paper towel, then wash with dish soap until no longer sticky.

In eyes - wash with cool water for a minimum of 15 minutes, see a doctor if swollen.


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Are The Mixing Cups And Wands Reusable?

Yes!   After you've finished pouring your projects, use dry paper towels to wipe clean your cup and wand.  If the resin has dried in your cup, you can roll the cup in your palms to loosen the dried bits, then pick them out with a fingernail.

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I got resin on my skin, how do I get it off?

First, wipe off as much as you can using dry paper towels, then wash well with dish-soap until you're no longer sticky. Baby oil works well, as do orange-based cleaners. Little Windows resin is not a toxic product, but it can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. Get medical attention if you see swelling. If you get it in your eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. Keep eye lids apart. If someone drinks it by mistake, give them large quantities of water and get medical attention.

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Is Little Windows toxic?

For most humans, properly used, our resin is not a toxic product.  In fact, it's the safest epoxy you'll find, it does not contain chemicals which produce dangerous off-gassing that can lead to chronic issues. There are no solvents, nor any nonylphenol, which is a dangerous chemical contained in Part B of most other resins you'll find.  Also, ours doesn't have a stinky or strong odor. 

Even though its safe for most humans, our labeling works to prevent the extreme possibilities of misuse - as you'll see, the directions cover mostly common sense things (don't drink it, don't get it in your eyes), as well as "avoid breathing fumes and getting on skin" because if people sniff directly from the bottles or leave it on their skin for extended periods, it can be irritating.

Whether or not it is completely non-toxic depends on how you use it/misuse it, your history with respiratory issues, and your chemical sensitivities. Another thing you'll note in our directions is "keep out of reach of children", another plea for common sense. We don't want kids or pets ingesting it, or getting it on your carpet, where it's difficult to clean up.

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