resin jewelry idea

Double Donut Photo Spinner Necklace

by Fran Valera


Here's a gorgeous new look!  This is one of my designs, using the Doming technique to create a spinning inset within shell donut beads.  This is all put together with a simple wire-wrapping technique.

The tricky part is finding donuts that fit within one another.  So don't feel like you have to stick with shell beads, you can try those cool resin donuts, metal ones, anything you can find, really.  And the inside one doesn't even have to be a donut, it can be a flat bead too.  You can get these beads online, and they may have them at your local craft store or bead shop, just be sure the holes are drilled straight.   I've made my domed pieces a bit smaller than the inner bead so the pink of the shell will show, but it can cover the whole bead too.  There are lots of ways to customize this design, from the type of chain to the accent beads and the charm you use at the bottom.

Donut Necklace How-To Video