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EASY BATCH Measure & Mix Cups

EASY BATCH Measure & Mix Cups

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These NEW EasyBatch Mixing Cups were designed specifically for use with resin:

All markings are on the outside of the cup, so...

  • they are clear and easy to read
  • they won't disappear as you add liquid to the cup
  • the inside of the cups smooth and polished for more thorough mixing

Two types of measuring marks:

  • one side has clear, easy to read ml markings for use with any resin
  • other side is designed to make 2:1 mix ratios easy! Just pour your Part A up to the "A" line, and your Part B up to the "B" line for a perfect ratio.
  • 3 batch sizes marked for you - 9ml, 15ml and 24ml

Reusable! These cups are smooth and polished on the inside, with no flanges or bumps, so after pouring your resin just wipe clean with a dry paper towel, or allow any leftover resin to set up in the cup, then pop it out!

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