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Creation Station (US only for now)

Creation Station (US only for now)

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A safe, moveable workspace for crafts.  (US only for now)

Use for resin, paints, clay, beads, anything you want!

Your Creation Station protects any projects from dust, fingers, and pet hair, and you can move this work space around wherever you need. 

This amazing keeper includes a clear dust cover big enough to cover lots of projects with plenty of clearance  (approx. 9-1/2" x 13.5" and over 4" high).  Includes a flexible hinge to hold the cover up and out of the way without taking up extra space, and comes with a solid base. And these are Stackable!

Assembly required.  DOES NOT INCLUDE doming tray, resin, timer, or molds.

Shipping may take longer than usual, this package is large and flat.

If you order other items your goodies may arrive in 2 packages.

How to assemble and use:

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