Special Photo Paper 2-sided 8-1/2 x 11"

Special Photo Paper 2-sided 8-1/2 x 11"
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Double-sided and waterproof!  This 6-pack of Special Photo paper is a great value if you want to make a lot of Little Windows. Bright white, glossy and DOUBLE-SIDED, so you can print on either side, or on both sides.  Bonds to your inkjet inks and laser toner.  Use Photoshop, Microsoft Word or another photo-editing program to make the most of each sheet. Crop your photos before placing them into your layout for maximum yield.  This paper is thicker than normal photo papers, and works well with Canon, Epson, and other printers that have an L-shaped or straight feed and accept thicker papers. 

If you have an HP or other finicky printer that bends paper around in a U-shape (vs. flat or top-feed L-shape), please try our HP-Compatible photo paper, which is thinner, yet still waterproof.

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