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Resin 12 oz. Set (deals on multiples)

Resin 12 oz. Set (deals on multiples)

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Includes Resin, Hardener, reusable Measure & Mix Cups (9 small and 3 large), and 3 reusable Mixing Wands.  Enough to mix 24 standard-sized batches, or larger batches using blue cups.  Each standard batch will make 3-6 castings, or about 15 square inches with the Doming Technique.  2-to-1 mix ratio.  Shelf life is about 1 year, maximize by storing in a cool, dry place, away from light.  Functional for many years, but for top clarity you should use before Part B starts to tint.

You can mix larger batches of Brilliant Resin, but after mixing you'll want to split the batch into smaller portions of 2oz. or less for the resting period.  This way it won't set up too fast.

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