Rubik's Photo Cube

rubiks photo cube resin gift

Two awesome gift ideas: the 4-square photo cube - available for sale WITHOUT STICKERS (save the fingernails!) - and a magnetized checker game. Both of these projects use the Doming Technique and Little Windows FREE Medium Square shape Photo Cropping Software, which you can access from our homepage.

And if you'd like to transform a 9-square cube you already have, click here for a how-to PDF.


Check out the 2-part video walking you step-by-step through how to create your own personalized Rubik's Cube! This is our most thorough video yet, and shares lots of tips.  This video can help out with ANY Doming Project!

This 2-part video will teach you how to make them:

Part I

Part II


 These cubes are an exact fit for our FREE Little Windows Photo Cropping Software!