Adding Findings

There are many ways you can add findings to your resin creations, turning them into jewelry, accessories, buttons, or decorative items like the ones shown below. 


Drill a hole:

Whether they are thick or thin, you can drill holes into or through your resin pieces. Then either glue in an eye-screw, or add a jumpring, a headpin, or a wire through the hole.

If your piece is clear, drill straight through front-to-back, or at an angle so the finding will hide the white drill line.

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drill for resin jewelry making

If your piece is colored, you have the option to drill straight in and then glue in an eye-screw finding, since you won't be able to see the line caused by drilling.

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These were drilled, then I added jump rings through the holes.

Embed findings in resin:

Once your piece is made, you can add another thin layer of resin to the back and embed a finding.

This can be a bail or link that can turn your creations into all types of jewelry, buttons, and decorative pieces, like the handles below. 

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Glue on flat-back bails:

A drop or two of resin is the very best way to create a permanent, waterproof bond, and you can mix a batch as small as 6ml Part A + 3ml Part B to do this. 

If you don't have any handy you can also use E6000+ or another strong adhesive, just make sure you use it in a well ventilated area, as it's not healthy to breathe (or get on you).

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Wire wrap your pieces:

For this you'll need a heavy gauge wire in whatever type of metal you prefer, pliers, wire cutters, and some imagination!

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Mount your casting in Polymer Clay

You can work polymer clay around your cast resin pieces, and bake them together as long as you don't exceed the time or temperature recommended on the polymer clay packaging.  After baking you can add findings through the polyclay.

You can also dome or brush on a layer of resin after your polyclay has been baked for a shiny finish.

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Polymer Clay in Bezels

You can also bake your polymer clay into bezels with built-in handles, then Dome Up with Brilliant Resin after, like Amazing Maker Sue Herst did in these beauties.

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Skip forward to 11:38 to see more examples of adding findings: