Liquid vs. Dry Adhesives

The best choice will be based on the project you're making.  Sometimes it's easier to use a dry adhesive, like our super-strong peel and stick adhesive sheets.  You can cut them to the shape you need, then just peel and stick.  This is great for adhering your resin pieces onto solid surfaces such as cell phones, scrapbooks, binders, and for sticking two domed pieces back-to-back, for double-sided creations.  Free technique videos in our Project Center.

Other times you need the flexibility of a liquid adhesive, in which case your Brilliant Resin is the best bet.  It'll bond completely with cured resin pieces, and stick on whatever you want, from metal to plastic findings.  But that only uses a few drops, so if you're not mixing up a batch, you can also use:


ZapAGap (available in our shop)

E6000 (stinky, but strong)

Hot Glue (you'll need to experiment to see which ones peel off and which have a strong bond)