Can I use other Resins?

Although you never want to mix different brands or types of resin together while wet, you can use Little Windows Brilliant Resin to coat other types of resin, as long as they are cured and clean. 

Brilliant Resin is the safest epoxy you'll find, without the solvents and toxins that are common with other brands.  Each resin product on the market was designed to be used in a specific way.  Some are made to coat wood surfaces, others for casting large pieces, or making repairs.  If you want to create small, shiny things like jewelry, accessories, buttons and embellishments, that's exactly what Little Windows Brilliant Resin was developed to do.

Another benefit is that our resin does not generate a lot of heat while it's curing.  Resins that cure hot may damage your molds, and the elements you add.  If you choose to use products from other manufacturers, please make sure to follow those manufacturers' instructions, and you may need to experiment to achieve the results you're looking for.