How do I mix Brilliant Resin?

Little Windows Brilliant Resin is a pure formula without solvents or dangerous additives.  The 2:1 mix ratio is crucial, but you can double or triple your batch size as needed:

1.  Mix 2-parts of A  with 1-part of B (e.g.; 10ml + 5ml).
2.  Stir slowly for 2-1/2 minutes, until swirls disappear.  
3.  Let rest for 5 minutes*, then skim off any remaining bubbles on surface.
4.  Pour slowly into mold when casting, scoop onto items when doming, or drip into bezels. Allow to cure for at least 12 hours before handling.

*You can mix larger batches too, but after mixing you'll want to divide it into separate cups for the resting period, about 2oz. per cup or less.  Brilliant Resin was developed for use in jewelry making and other small crafts, and it generates quite a bit of energy so that even tiny applications set up properly within 12 hours.