What if I don't have a color printer?

Well, you have a few options:

- Crop your photos online, then email your file to us for pro printing. It's just $2.50 per 4 x 6" printed sheet, and will be shipped out to you within 2 days after we receive your file/s.

- Have a friend with a good printer? Email your files to them to print, or go visit the and crop online at their house, printing once you're done.  You can use the Little Windows Photo Cropper wherever you have internet access, and the use of either Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser.

- Take your files to a printing place, but make sure they either scale them to fit a "Borderless 4x6" sheet, or that they print your files at 34%, onto Little Windows Special Photo Paper. Each Medium Square cropped photo (for example) should measure 1 inch.