DRILLING RESIN: How Do I Make Holes In My Pieces?

Our Little Windows Starter Kit includes a Spring Drill which is the perfect tool for making small holes in your resin (or wood). The kit comes with 1 drill bit which is 1.2mm.  The Spring Drill is also available individually, and includes 3 drill bits (1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm).  

This drill is easy to use and will not cause hand fatigue.  It works by moving the handle up and down, which turns the drill bit.



If you have any trouble fitting the drill bits into the collets, watch this video:


The original Little Windows Kit comes with a mini-hand drill which works by pushing down on the end and twisting it through your resin. 


If you plan on making more than a few, you can also use a power drill like the Creative Power Drill, or a Dremel tool with a #60 or 61 drill bit.