What's the shelf life, and how can I extend it?

Our proprietary formula should have a good year before the Part B begins to yellow slightly. After that it's still perfectly functional and works well for projects like DichroISH, where the color of the resin doesn't affect your outcome.  For best results with photo jewelry, you want clear fresh product. Like any couple, Part A and Part B have different preferences. Here are some tips to optimize the shelf life.


Always wipe bottle necks clean and recap tightly soon after pouring.

Weather and sun exposure can affect shelf life.  Keep Part A at room temperature.  If Part A becomes thick or cloudy, remove cap and microwave for 5-10 seconds. Do not heat if already mixed with Part B. * DO NOT HEAT ANY OTHER RESINS OR CHEMICALS AS THEY CAN RELEASE DANGEROUS GASSES *

Part B prefers to be cool and doesn’t like humidity. Keep it cool (you can even refrigerate), keep out of sunlight.