What's so special about Little Windows Resin?

Our proprietary epoxy resin formula is the best ever!  Developed for use with photos and other delicate items, it's the safest 2-part mix you'll find. I wanted something you could use at your kitchen table, so this is not a toxic product and doesn’t have the wicked smell you find with most resins.

Beyond its great performance with casting, doming, layering, coating and filling bezels and other forms, the basic advantages are:

* One single formula can Cast, Dome, Layer, Fill Bezels, and be a 1-coat Varnish!

* Blends easily, so you won’t get sticky spots

* Small mix quantity required (1 tbsp per batch), so no waste

* Not a toxic product

* No bad odor

* Very low bubbling

* Can put anything into it, even delicate items

* Works well with other mediums and favorite supplies

* 30+ minute working time, 12 hour cure

* Crystal clear and color stable