Feeding Paper Into Finicky Printers

As mentioned before, our bright white photo paper may be thicker than your printer is used to, so you may need to either help push it through gently with your hand, or use the flat feeder (if your printer has one).  

If it still won't feed, try using your fingers to slightly bend the first 1/4 inch of the sheet up, and cut off the top left corner.  That should help feed heavy papers through.

Click the link below for a how-to guide for working with printers that don't seem to want to accept our papers.

Guide for Feeding Finicky Printers


If that doesn't work, try taping a piece of clear tape along the top edge, folding it over to the back so it sticks to itself.  This gives the printer rollers a chance to grab onto the sheet a bit more easily, and can trick it into thinking it's thinner paper.