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Large Resin Mold Set with cropping templates (stencils)

Large Resin Mold Set with cropping templates (stencils)

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Includes one each of 4 mold shapes (all about 1/2" deep), plus a cropping template/stencil for each shape. These are silicone molds which are highly polished for a reflective mirror finish - no polishing needed!

Cast sizes (depends on how deeply poured): Square and Circle - about 2-1/8", Oval - about 2-1/8" x 2-5/8", Rectangle - about 1-7/8" x 2-5/8". Use clear packaging as a dust cover while resin sets. DO NOT use a flame or high heat gun, or you may fuse the resin to your mold.

CLICK HERE for dimensions.     We do not offer Little Windows Cropping Software for these shapes but you can click here to download a guide to resize your photos using Microsoft Word.

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