Cropping Software Shapes - Small + Medium (access online at

Cropping Software Shapes - Small + Medium (access online at
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All Medium and Small Cropper Shapes.  This is a web application (not a mobile app), which you access by logging in to "Cropper" after your purchase is complete, and any time in the future.   Can be used with Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome browsers.   Once purchased, refresh your browser, then enter your email addy at the bottom of the cropper page and crop away!

Size & Shape        Photo Crop Size (includes both upright and sideways versions) 

Small square           5/8”    (16mm)                      

Small circle              5/8”    (16mm)                               

Small oval               5/8 x 15/16”  (16 x 24mm)            

Small rectangle       9/16 x 7/8”  (15 x 23mm)          

Medium square        1”  (25mm)                                    

Medium circle           1”  (25mm)                                  

Medium oval             1” x 1-3/8” (25 x 35mm)           

Medium rectangle     7/8 x 1-3/8” (21 x 35mm)          

We do not offer cropping software for the Large Molds, but you can use Photoshop or any photo editing program to resize your photos, or click here to download a FREE how-to guide for resizing your photos using Microsoft Word or GoogleDocs.

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