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Silicone Cabochons Mold

Silicone Cabochons Mold
213 Reviews ( 5.0 )

This mold creates half-spheres, or flat back domes in a variety of sizes.

  • Includes detailed how-to guide
  • Make any size casting from 1/4" up to 2"
  • 6 different cavity sizes, multiples for each size
  • Clear silicone so you can see your work in progress
  • Super shiny finish - no polishing needed
  • Quality materials - flexible, heat and cold resistant (-40F up to 440F/230C)
  • Easy release - castings pop out easily, no mold release needed

While made for use with Brilliant Resin, this mold can be used for polymer clay, soap, candles, baking or candy making.  We don't recommend cross-use.  Silicone can lose its shine over time with high-heat resins and harsh chemistry.  

Mold measures approx. 8-1/2"W x 11-3/4"L x 1-1/4"H

Here are some examples of different eyeballs we've made:



Here's a how-to video:

Click below to order mold, have fun creating!


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